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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Conumdrum Fried in an Enigma


Pallookaville One will not be ready for a Drive-Invasion '07 launch like expected. I then thought that The East Atlanta Strut would be window two, but The Weenie Queen and I will be moving into the Laboratories that weekend. So...

It looks like The Maiden Corn Dogage will be the Little Five Points Halloween Parade (if they have the damn thing, which every year they threaten not to, and the announcement gets later and later every year). Hopefully the Wagon will be there.

The WQ and myself spent some quality time with the Snellville Lions Club at the Gwinnett County Fair Grounds and scored a Funnel Cake Bather, a Hot Water Producer and a 100 lb Gas Tub. They also offered to extend membership into the Lion's Club to Laffo, to bring down the average age of the crew, as the youngest member is 64, (The oldest member being 96, and reportedly more active than anyone else). How so ever tempting the chance to be a Lion, Laffo graciously declined, and we vacated that vacant Fair Lot.

We still await our Deep Core Corn Dogger from The Great Lakes. The DCCD, as she's referred to in the Laboratories, is making her way down now and we anticipate her arrival.

Sim's City Hot Rods will be doing the External Coating Process on Pallookaville One as soon as the barnacles are scraped off her hull. A special Secret Famous Guest will be lettering and striping the Staid Old Gal, to bring her back to all her Midway Tawdriness.

So the package arrived from Texas Crumb and Batter with the first try on our Super Secret Golden Cornbread Batter and Funnel Cake Makings! There are a few adjustments to make to the recipes, but we've a got a damn good start. These folks are a dream to work with and have been willing to match our recipes exactly. Texas Crumb and Batter are the folks to kick out Laffo's Super Secret Golden out since they've only been in business for 100 years. Literally.

Until Then I Remain,

The Prof. Jas. M. Stacy