"Look At The Size Of This Clown's Feet " or "Little Dogs, Liquor, Sauerkraut and Conjoined Wimmen."

  • "Sink Deep Yer Stakes Boys."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Is That Peanut Butter In Yer Mouth Or Are You Really That Well Spoken?

I saw these shorts on TCM about 10 years ago and have emailed them numerous times to see if they would ever be commercially available. They said no, and now these clips show up.
I need some of you Turner Geeks to get me copies of these so I can watch nothing but Dogs in Pants on my TV.
Goddamitt, is it too much to ask to have a Channel that shows nothing but animals in Dramatic Human Roles? Dogville Shorts, Lancelot Link, Mr. Ed, blah, blah, blah. I like this type of entertainment better than watching people. It does re-enforce just how completely worthless Glen is.

Queenie in Trouble:

So Quiet on the Canine Front:

The Big Doghouse:

College Hounds:

Surfin' Spy:

Evolution Revolution:

It's time to get this shit straight people.


Damn if The Good Prof. didn't find these fuckers on a DVD fer me.
Get yours here:
World's Best Comics and Toys

Another Update!
World's Best Comics and Toys is a ripoff! 
Took payment, never sent the item, won't return Emails or calls and now we have a dispute going through PayPal. This fucker is a Thief, long and short of it, 
And I still don't have movies of Dogs in Pants!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Some experiments with multiple shots. These are upwards of 12 - 15 shots laced together. The Canyon pic was a gift for my folks, the print is 50 inches wide. I like that you can see the curve of the Earth. The horizon is almost 900 miles from point to point. This is Mather Point on the South Rim.
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Lil' More Xmas, a Little Less Attacking the Old Lady.

Me und the Missus' Xmas shots from the last two years. Thanks to Jason Shattles aka Lopez, for being our Yuletime Photographer. I think the recurring theme is I'm either gonna cut her in half or eat her. Either is fine with me. This year's will be no different.

Cover Up That Large Nachos Please.

New Snack Bar Shirts for the Starlight. A Quick one off. The Ladies should love em as they sling the Chili Dogs and Cheeseburgers. Soon the Fryers will be here and we can all have French Fries with your damn Movies. It's about time.
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy.

More Ole Greasepaint Crap.

On Him Being Gone a Year.

I wrote this last Labor Day in our Drive-Invasion Guide as a Memorial to Marc. As we just passed his 1st Anniversary I figured it's time to take off my Stovepipe, think about what a fucking treasure he was, and wipe my eyes.
Miss you Mr. Fenyo, Sleep Well.
I Remain,
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Abandoned Russian Wooden Homes

This is reposted from www.englishrussia.com. It's a crazy site that catalogs random shit from the ole U.S.S.R. Now that Putin is two steps away from proclaiming himself Dictator, the Cold War might just just have been a head cold. Really unbelievable Carpentry, and Craftsmanship. The Russians know how to build em. I'll post some Russian Space Program stuff soon, it's crazy good looking too.

До свидания

Found more here: Abandoned
And Here
And Here
And Here
And Finally Here

Some Old Clown Sheet with a Shitty Claus Chaser.

Here's the first Round there's a lot more to come.

Prof. Jas. M. Stacy.

A Little YuleLog Cheer, Cause I Could Use It.

For some reason I love this fuggin' photo. I don't know if it's because I can almost see his Eczema falling into the Pie, or smell the Fresca over his Halitosis. Whatever the reason, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this most Christmasy of Douche bags.

Here's some adds for YULELOGMART.

Happy Holidays,
You'll see more in July,
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tewe Can Keep A Secret....

Well our good friends at The Plaza Theatre had a Movie and Art Opening the other Night. We was there, as we had two pieces in the show. Pulled out the Pirate gear and the Weenie Queen and myself, dolled up and went the fuck out.

There's Prints of these available as well, 16 x 24 for $100. Lemme know.

Laffo's been chomping at the bit to write something filthy, so that might just happen soon. I'm also gonna post an archive of all the Greasepaint Posters and the other finished book, "Mud, Blood and Greasepaint." Here's a look at the other pirate piece not for sale.
I remain,
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy