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Monday, May 26, 2008

Is That Peanut Butter In Yer Mouth Or Are You Really That Well Spoken?

I saw these shorts on TCM about 10 years ago and have emailed them numerous times to see if they would ever be commercially available. They said no, and now these clips show up.
I need some of you Turner Geeks to get me copies of these so I can watch nothing but Dogs in Pants on my TV.
Goddamitt, is it too much to ask to have a Channel that shows nothing but animals in Dramatic Human Roles? Dogville Shorts, Lancelot Link, Mr. Ed, blah, blah, blah. I like this type of entertainment better than watching people. It does re-enforce just how completely worthless Glen is.

Queenie in Trouble:

So Quiet on the Canine Front:

The Big Doghouse:

College Hounds:

Surfin' Spy:

Evolution Revolution:

It's time to get this shit straight people.


Damn if The Good Prof. didn't find these fuckers on a DVD fer me.
Get yours here:
World's Best Comics and Toys

Another Update!
World's Best Comics and Toys is a ripoff! 
Took payment, never sent the item, won't return Emails or calls and now we have a dispute going through PayPal. This fucker is a Thief, long and short of it, 
And I still don't have movies of Dogs in Pants!


ba said...

I'm smelling in-between-films-ent-o-tainment.

ba said...

But seriously, is that Walter Matthau playing the voice of the surfin' chimp?

Prof. Jas. M. Stacy aka The Rev. Uncle Laffo said...

From Wikipedia:

"There was a little known period in Mr. Matthau's career where he was so drunk all he could do was bad Bogart impressions using a dirty sock on his hand as his "Humphrey." Supposedly the producers felt the inexplicably handsome, rubber faced, and completely shit-faced star, would lend their dream of a Monkey based Spy franchise the clout it needed. They force fed him Ouzo and cut all 17 episodes in an afternoon."

God bless Walter. God bless him.