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Monday, July 7, 2008

It Was Colder Than A Well Digger's Ass.

Another try at the Pano. Shot in early December, 2007, some issues with the polarizing filter and getting the sky to jump smooth, went ahead and put it together anyway. It was brutal cold, in the teens if I remember right - made for great stars. Going to do a Four Seasons from the same spot but was unhappy with the Winter shots. Will shoot Summer this week and go from there. Gonna start shopping a Starlight 60th Anniversary Show at a Gallery somewhere. The place turns 60 in April, so that would be a good time for it.

I Remain,
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy


OleSenna said...

Yo, Jim, depending on what you are planning for the 60th anniversary thing, I would be happy to share pix, stories, etc. pertaining to The Starlight and metro ATL drive-ins, which I have been gathering for 30+ years. Among other things, when I got out of college, the first article I ever got published was in Art Papers (1980, I think?). It was a story about meat movies and it was adorned by a picture of the Starlight TWIN margquee taken by my cohort in art & crime, Bill Stevens. If you're interested in similar effluvia (note spelling, then check your blog header), just let me know. Cheers! Doug DeLoach, 678.641.5974, douglass.deloach@earthlink.net

Prof. Jas. M. Stacy aka The Rev. Uncle Laffo said...

Thanks Doug, I'll be getting in touch soon. Now as far as my heading... It is correct, whereas "effluvia" is the plural, "effluvial" is the adjective. Rarely am I right in matters of Math, Banking and Grammar, but today I prevail. I present this:

"ef·flu·vi·um [i-floo-vee-uhm]
–noun, plural -vi·a [-vee-uh] -vi·ums.
a slight or invisible exhalation or vapor, esp. one that is disagreeable or noxious.
[Origin: 1640–50; < L, equiv. to ef- ef- + fluv-, base of fluere to flow (see effluent) + -ium -ium]
—Related forms
ef·flu·vi·al, adjective"

Prof. Jas. M. Stacy aka The Rev. Uncle Laffo said...

Actually, again I lose. Yer right I did mess up and leave out an "L" as well as a period in my own name.
So not only was I wrong once, but twice. Thanks Doug, you big arsehole. There, spelled that right. Hey I need pictures of any type from this place as there a very few from the Georgia Theatre days. I need a Quad pic bad.
Again thanks and we'll talk soon.

OleSenna said...

I'll check on the Quad shot. I'm sure there are a few in the files. The problem is, the files number in the thousands, mostly Kodak slides. While we're on the subject, I'm lovin' the snack shop artwork, but you might want to reconsider the spelling of "pobalno" in the Tamale de Marrano blurb. [Hey, don't look at me, I'm just the editor!]

Prof. Jas. M. Stacy aka The Rev. Uncle Laffo said...

I'm gonna just start sending everything to you to proof. You wanna job on "The Drive-Invader?"