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Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Drive-In stuffs.

In the process of re-doing every sign out here. Work for months. 

Here's a classic example of the operating I.Q. out here on the lot, I just had to stop and kill all the Power in the North Snack Bar to pull a MASTER LOCK AND CHAIN OUT OF THE MAIN 240 POWER BOX. That's right, if you want to store 5 foot of Logging Chain and a Commercial Padlock, throw it on top of a Junction Box that contains the Main Power, so it can snake in and weld itself to your leads. 


Prof. and  Plastic Coat-Hanger 1 - 240 Junction Box and Electrical Disaster 0.

On to the Pictures and such.

For the Ice Creams...

For the Candies...

For this Brilliant Glow Toy Action from the Hive Mind in Cally-O-Forn-Eye-A...

Fuggin with Electricity,
I Remain Upright,
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy

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